Kapiti Coast WEA was formed in 1978.

What we do:

Our aim is to provide community based, stimulating and varied educational activities that develop knowledge, skills, creativity, understanding and enjoyment of life.  We offer courses in relaxed, non-threatening environments, using the best tutors available from Wellington and the Kapiti Coast.  Class sizes vary from 10 up to 30.

We offer about 20 events each year, in a published programme that runs from March to October. Our courses cover a wide variety of relevant and stimulating subjects, taught by experts in their field.  In recent years History (NZ and global), learning about religions, and Current Issues are proving very popular, in addition to our broad arts and sciences topics.

We also organise a monthly trip to destinations within the Wellington region.  These are free to those using their Super Gold card.

Naturally, we welcome everyone.  Our usual audience is aged 50+, with the time and interest to continue learning.

How we operate:

Our courses are fee-based, and we maintain a membership with an annual subscription.  Our courses would reach more people if we could provide them at less cost or free.  All committee are volunteer roles.

In recent years we have received funding grants from the Kapiti Coast District Council, Community Organisations Grants Scheme, Phillipps Family Trust, Federation of WEA in NZ Aotearoa, and other funding organisations.  We also appreciate community support from New Zealand Post, and local media Beach FM, Coast Access Radio, Kapiti Observer and Kapiti News.

Our preferred venue is the Kapiti Community Centre, where we have a choice of room size, good kitchen facilities and a good fit with a range of other events offered.  This venue also faces an uncertain future.

All our funding arrangements are one-off or annual; we have no on-going funding streams.  We have received no funding from the Ministry of Education for nearly a decade, since Adult Education funding for organisations like ours ceased.

For course information and enrolments:

[email protected]   Phone 021 162 7000 (voicemail)
www.kapitiwea.org.nz    P O Box 1536 Paraparaumu Beach 5252